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Free adjustments for the year for dentures and partials

Exam $60
Same Day Appointments $40/arch
Dentures & Partials
Upper/Lower Denture Set $1100
Upper Denture $640
Lower Denture $680
Upper Partial (Acrylic) $640
Lower Partial (Acrylic) $640
Lower Partial (Metal) $1450
Custom Upper/Lower Denture $2100
Custom Single Unit $1100
Denture ModificationsAdjustments are free for the first year you have our dentures!
Reline (Per Unit) $200
Impression to Add, Repair, Etc (First Tooth) $100 and up
Repairs (Tooth) $70 and up
(Crack/Break) $70 and up
Extractions (Per Tooth) $210 to $250 (Does Not Include Emergency Extractions)
Emergency Exam $30
Emergency Extractions (First Tooth) $250
Panorex (X-Ray) $110
We require an X-Ray before we can pull any teeth.
(Open Face or Solid) $200
(Design) $250


You can pay for your office visits and any treatments by cash, check, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover at the time of treatment. To discuss your payment options, please call 800-521-7275.

Financial Options

We accept CareCredit.