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Here at Beachton, Dr. William McFatter has provided care for edentulous patients for over 35 years. He has perfected the way dentures are made giving patients their smiles back. Dentures are a great option for patients that need all of their teeth removed or do not have any existing teeth currently. Getting Dentures made can give people back their smiles and confidence. We offer 3 different types of conventional dentures here at Beachton, click here to learn more about each type. Each set is hand crafted by our highly trained dental lab technicians at our on-site lab. We encourage patients to bring in pictures of how they would like their smiles to be and with our custom set patients can see their new smiles before they are permanently created to fix or change anything from color, shape, or size. 

Partials are a removable appliance which allows patients to obtain the teeth they are missing back, while holding onto their natural existing teeth. Partials can help patients chewing ability and feel more comfortable with their smiles. We offer two types of partials either acrylic or metal. Both are great options and based on the patients’ needs our dentist will help decide which option would be best. 

Please give us a call for options of getting your smile back at (229) 377-6588.

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