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2 Over-Denture Implant

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Here at Beachton, we do offer patients with the 2-over-denture implant case. This provides patients with a full set of dentures with two lower implants which will hold-onto the lower denture for more stable support. This procedure is fairly simple, if the patient has current teeth which need to be removed, the teeth will be taken out first.  Then their upper and lower dentures will be delivered to them for the patient to wear. Our doctors will begin the implant placement process for the lower area and have two implants placed. Once healing of the implant is complete the lower denture will be modified for the implants to be attached and placed. This will allow the lower denture a stable hold making sure no sliding nor falling out occurs. For more questions or to see how to become eligible for this implant options please call our office at (229) 377-6588.