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Lousie T.

Nobody in their right mind likes to go to the dentist. The older I get the more impatient I get. I left my last dental office and vowed never to go back because of the long wait. Then my sister told me about Beachton Dental Center. I called to make an appointment and was asked can you be here tomorrow. I was amazed to get in so fast. That was not the only time. Everytime I call, I get in right away. I have never been in an office where I felt so safe from getting the covid virus. On top of all that they are great dentist. Dr. Dozer knows her stuff. She has been right on target in everything she has told me about my teeth. I have new upper dentures for the first time and am amazed at how well they fit. At my age I like telling people where to go and that is to Beachton Dental Clinic. If you have got to go to the dentist, they are the best.


Sarah S.

My story isn’t your typical dental case. Due to my brain disease and the treatment I’ve had to have the last 7 years which includes over a hundred different medications, radiation to my head and countless surgeries, my teeth deteriorated quickly. I was terrified of the dentist! Fast forward to August of 2020 and a tumor was found in my Maxillary Gland.

I saw a specialist/surgeon here in Tallahassee. He removed the tumor, surgically removed 27 teeth, had bone grafts etc. I went to a dentist here in Tallahassee to start my denture process after the surgery. It was HORRIBLE!! I left in tears and with no plan. Many people had recommended Beachton, so I made my first appointment. I’m thankful I did! The first couple appointments were looking me over, reviewing my case and answering my questions. Lexi and Dr. McFatter listened to every concern and answered every question. I was terrified. I was even more scared because of the experience I had at the previous dentist. But, after talking with Dr. McFatter and Lexi, I was confident they could help me. Lexi especially made my experience more relaxing. She’s kind, honest and patient. Dr. McFatter is patient, honest and cares. I have terrible gums now due to all the bone loss and knots that have formed.

I had convinced myself I would never have teeth again. But Dr. McFatter and his entire team proved me wrong. He’s a true artist. He looked at a picture of me from the past and recreated my smile. He gave me my confidence back! He made me feel like a beautiful woman again! I’m still in the learning process and I’m sure it’ll take time to teach myself to chew, swallow and do other things I had taken for granted. But it’ll be worth it in the end. Everyone from the front staff to Lexi, Megan, Chrystal and Dr. McFatter himself were amazing to me. They never once made me feel judged. They wanted the very best outcome for me. I will ALWAYS be a patient of Beachton Dental Clinic. As will my entire family. I will forever be thankful to Beachton Dental Clinic.


Yumeeka S.

Michelle is by far the most friendly person I’ve ever came in contact with…. She let me know that I had an option.. No one did that but her. I left the office crying that day and called back from the Parking Lot and she answered….(She was God sent)…. She told me about Care Credit while others sent me on my way. I’m so ever thankful for her.. She takes pride in her job and helping people. The dental team was nice including the Dentist. I specifically call and ask for her if she’s available because shes so Nice. I value Great Customer Service. My Situation was terrible but the help I received from Michelle was the reason I gave 5 stars. She’s an asset to the Dental Clinic.. Hats off to her.. Thank you so much!


Micheal J.

I came to find information about dentures and was treated like I was a family member. This is not the norm in medicine today. Honest straightforward answer in a manner non medical folks can understand is such a wonder in today’s world. Thank you for your time, treatment, and answers, all at a price that I did not have to mortage my home to receive. I will be back and I’ve already began sharing my experience with friends. Thanks again Dr McFatter!


Ann M.

My son had a complicated break of his front tooth a while back and it was not properly fixed by another dentist. The original “fix” eventually caused discoloration of the tooth and the gum line and he was very self conscious about it. Thanks to Dr.Dozier, she restored the front tooth over several visits and I’m thrilled to see him smiling again. She wasn’t happy until it looked 100%, even sent back the first cap to the lab for a redo because it wasn’t a perfect match. Highly recommend.


Suzanne A.

Always a good experience there, don’t quite understand why you have to pay before service. Maybe they have had patients walk out without paying. Anyway Drs. Dozier and McFatter are great people. They went the extra mile to help me; just ask anybody there and all will help to make it right. Great experience.

Christy S.

Had a filling fall out today! But should not be surprised as I haven’t been to a dentist in 26+ years, lol. They brought me right in! Thankfully they are NOTHING like these other clinics that try to do tons of *not needed* work! Loved the staff and the dentist. I had heard a lot of good things about them and now I understand why. Too many of us barely scrape by as it is and just cannot afford to have the beautiful veneers, etc that some can afford … we can barely keep our teeth in good repair. I would recommend this dental clinic to anyone … they fix what they can, but also can go “perfect teeth” and are honest with you! Here you can get whatever you can afford! Huge thanks for the honesty!