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When a patient is experiencing any tooth pain normally this means that the tooth has some form a decay involved, however if the tooth “ache” is severe, patients may have an infection affecting the nerve of the tooth. In this case the only way to save the tooth is to have a root canal. X-rays are taken of the area where pain is coming from for our dentist to pinpoint the tooth causing issues. When a tooth is infected, it may be possible to see the infection on the x-ray or even in the patient’s mouth. This type of infection is very painful to patients and can also cause discomfort, facial swelling and sometimes a fever. However, in some patients there can be an infection present with no symptoms. It is vital that patients continue their routine check-ups and x-rays for this reason. Even a tooth without any symptoms, can cause a serious infection within the oral cavity.  Here at Beachton we provide root canal therapy for single rooted teeth and some posterior teeth. For some posterior teeth and teeth with complex root systems we can provide a referral to send the patient to ran endodontist which specializes in multiple root-root canals and more involved cases. 

The Procedure

The root canal procedure is very simple and painless. Once the dentist anesthetizes the tooth and surrounding tissue, the dentist will make a small hole which to access the pulp chamber of the tooth. The infected part of the tooth is removed using special files and instruments. The canal is then disinfected and filled with a material called gutta-percha, which fills in the chamber down to the end of the root. This supports the tooth structure and helps prevent bacteria from re-entering the tooth. After this is done the tooth is sealed with a temporary filling material. The dentist then recommends patients to allow the tooth to heal and settle from after having the infection removed.

After a few weeks’ patients come back in to have a crown or permanent filling material placed. It is recommended to get the temporary filling material replaced by the permanent filling or crown within 3-4 weeks to prevent any possible leakage. If you have any questions about root canals or need to schedule an appointment please give us a call at (229) 377-6588.