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Here at Beachton we make sure each patient’s health is put first. Having an oral cancer screening completed most dental offices are able to find cancers before they spread and get patients to the proper facilities they need. Oral cancer screenings take place at each new patient appointment and is continued with each routine dental visit.

An oral cancer screening procedure is fairly simple by the dentist or hygienist checking all of the lymph nodes around the neck and head area, then assessing the glands within the mouth and checking the tissues/muscles within the oral cavity. Our office also uses Velscope technology which helps identify changes within the soft tissues in the mouth. If oral cancer is present, we do work with patients and doctors to provide the dental care needed to strive to keep an overall healthy oral environment. We do provide fluoride trays for patients that are in need of radiation treatments which will protect the teeth from breaking down and major decay from occurring. For more information or to schedule an appointment please call our office at (229) 377-6588.